The Dark Side of Camp Aesthetics. Queer Economies of Dirt, Dust and Patina

Ingrid Hotz-Davies, Georg Vogt & Franziska Bergmann (Eds.)

Oxford: Routledge 2017
ISBN 978 04 1579 078 9
e-ISBN 978 13 1521 039 1
Hardback. 202 pages

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Table of Contents

Introduction: „The dirt doesn’t get any worse“: The Alliance of Camp and Dirt
Ingrid Hotz-Davies, Georg Vogt and Franziska Bergmann

Part I: Upside – Downside – Upside: Camp’s Dialectic of Dirt and Beauty

1. The Jewel in the Gutter: Camp and the Incorporation of Dirt
Ingrid Hotz- Davies

2. Camp Conquests: Deconstructing the Sublime in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Christian Lassen

3. „The Odd and Gory Things in Life“: Roy Raz’ Music Videos and Camp Aesthetics
Gero Bauer

4. Camp as a Critical Strategy in And the Spring Comes
Zairong Xiang

Part II: Trash, Dirt and Leftovers: The Oscillations of Matter

5. The „Available“ Joe Brainard
David Bergman

6. Dirty Sound: The Camp Materialism of Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls
Kristina Pia Hofer

7. Camping Out in the Detritus of the 1960s Queer Underground: The „Moldy“ Fantasies of Jack Smith
Ronald Gregg

8. A Camp Fairy Tale: The Dirty Class of John Waters’ Desperate Living
Giulia Palladini

9. Malapropos Desires: The Cinematic Oikos of Grey Gardens
Georg Vogt

Part III: Debris of the Past

10. Camp Patina: Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, Transvestism and Gründerzeit Furniture
Franziska Bergmann

11. Camping Indigeneity: The Queer Politics of Kent Monkman
Astrid M. Fellner

12. Innocence Unprotected: Camp in Yugoslavian Cinema
Milisava Petković