Camping on the margins

Camping on the Margins

20.-22. September 2012
Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies
Hofburg | Batthyanystiege | A-1010 Vienna


"Camping on the margins" provides academic and artistic proceedings that deal with that most elusive and pervasive of aesthetic categories, "camp". Distinguished international scholars and Viennese performers will address and perform the dialectics of margin and center, normalization and autonomy as the reference points to inquire into the historical and contemporary uses of camp through a multitude of phenomena and local appropriations: From the classic eccentricities of Ronald Firbank to the European Song Contest, from counter cultural concepts like Tropicamp to Soviet Dandyism. Public lectures and a workshop will introduce to recent academic investigations of camp, in concert with a Camp Salon that will host artistic manifestations, and envision the imperial palace as the stage to performatively re-figure Vienna as an ideal camp stage.


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Camping on the margins, still
Fabio Cleto, 20.09.2012
On Camp Collecting. Notes on Value and the Archive
Giulia Palladini, 20.09.2012
Camp Patina. Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, Tranvestism and Gründerzeit Furniture
Franziska Bergmann, 20.09.2012
"Voy por la vereda tropical". A vision of Latin American Camp Theory
Silvia Hueso, 21.09.2012
From Tropicália to Tropicamp. Hélio Oiticica's Subterrânia
Max Hinderer Cruz, 21.09.2012
Soviet stakhanovites - The Dandies of the Stalin Era. Can One Speak of Political Camp?
Gian Piero Piretto, 21.09.2012
Camp, Visual History and the New German Film
Georg Vogt, 22.09.2012
Translating the Idea of “Camp”. From the “West” to the “East” of Europe
Robert Kulpa, 22.09.2012
Gleefully Shameful. The Camp Fictions of Ronald Firbank
Ingrid Hotz-Davies, 22.09.2012
Opening of Camp Salon
Tea Time with hostess Roswitha Templem
Dinner at "The Royal Canteen"
Special Guests: Mimamusch. Hosted by Roswitha Templem
Live concert: Tusk


Camping on the margins: Säule


Camping on the margins - a project by:

Georg Vogt, Martin Plattner, Julia Pennauer, Bastian Petz


Academic section conceived and organized by:

Fanziska Bergmann, Fabio Cleto, Martin Plattner, Georg Vogt


Artwork, photo & design:

Jürgen Bohl, Simon Dorner, Bastian Petz, Martin David Preyer, Stefan Schweigler


Camp salon:

idea/conception: Julia Pennauer

performance: Roswitha Templem, Eva Kleinschwärzer, Yeorg Kronnagel, Sara Tiefenbacher and Guests

installations-décor: selfsightseeing company (Bastian Petz, Roswitha Templem), Eva Kleinschwärzer, Yeorg Kronnagel, Julia Pennauer, Sara Tiefenbacher

curators: Julia Pennauer, Bastian Petz, Martin Plattner, Georg Vogt

mise-en-scène: Julia Pennauer, Bastian Petz


Guest acts:

Der Teufelsgitarrist, Die zärtlichen Cousinen, Mimamusch, Miss Universe, Onorthodox, Tusk, Zukunftsseelen


K.u.k. kantine:

culinary art by

Nicholas Bentley-Fox, Martin David Preyer



Franziska Bruckner, Klaus Illmayer, Gabriele Kienpointner, Alexandra Matsouoka, Elisabeth Stecker, Ulrike Wirth

Büchertisch/Shop/Salon: Eva Kleinschwärzer, Markus Lehner, Lukas Reiter

Foto/Video: Gloria Höckner, Christian Karst, Stefan Schweigler, Sara Vorwalder




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